If you’re thinking of attempting your own HVAC repairs, you’re going to first need to understand a little bit about each part of the HVAC system. Once you understand each part and how they work, you’ll be able to more easily diagnose any issues within and work through fixing the issue without having to resort to calling your local HVAC company. Once you’re ready to begin, Jenin Supply has all the furnace and AC parts you need to get the job done, we’ll even give you helpful advice when you’re ready to repair your heater or AC unit.


The furnace is the largest part of your HVAC system. It’s responsible for moving hot air into the air ducts from the heat exchanger. This differs from a boiler because a boiler uses hot water to heat the home which is distributed through a series of pipes throughout the home.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is found inside the furnace and is responsible for transferring heat from one medium to another. The heat exchanger will add heat to the incoming air via the combustion chamber.

Evaporator Coil and Condensing Unit

A fluid called refrigerant runs over the evaporator coil which removes heat. Cool air is then dispersed throughout the home through the air ducts. Unlike the evaporator coil, the condensing unit gives off heat.


The thermostat is the interface device that actually controls your HVAC system. If it is set above the ambient temperature, the heater will come on, if it is set below the ambient temperature, the AC unit will come on.


The ductwork moves air throughout each room of the home and can be set up differently depending on what type of system you have. Ducts should be cleaned regularly in order to ensure the system runs efficiently.

Heat Pump

A heat pump can either heat or cool a home. In the winter when outside air is cool, it moves warm air into the home, while during the summer, it pushes hot air out of the home.

Air Filter

Last, but certainly not least, the air filter is attached to the ductwork in order to clean the air that’s running through it. Air filters are classified based on how many airborne particles they trap using a scale called minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV). The higher the rating, the fewer particles can pass through it meaning they’ll need to be replaced more frequently.

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