Jenin Supply in Bridgeview caters to the DIY’ers who decide to fix their own heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC). We carry HVAC parts and can help you find the part you need. We’ve found throughout our many years of HVAC experience that there are many advantages to DIY projects. We’ve compiled a list to share with you. Contact us today for all your HVAC parts!


  1. You save money. This is the biggest reason people undertake DIY projects. For the most part, when you hire a professional HVAC technician, a lot of what you are paying for is labor, which is usually upwards of $35/hour. That’s a lot when your project is a long one.
  2. Learn something new. Many of us thrive on learning something new. When you decide to purchase gas furnace parts from Jenin Supply in Bridgeview and fix your furnace yourself, you’ll learn a lot about how a furnace works, and you’ll hopefully learn how to fix a furnace. This will serve you in the future the next time your furnace breaks (which it will as all mechanical machinery breakdown over the course of time).
  3. Get in your steps. When you undertake a DIY project, whether it be HVAC-related or another home improvement project such as painting your house, you’ll get your heart rate up, burn some calories, get in your steps, and gain some health benefits overall. This includes when you decide to run to your local HVAC supply store for parts. You’ll probably snack less as well because you’ll be too busy solving your HVAC problem or ripping out your flooring. If you had hired a technician, you would have sat around, eating food that probably wasn’t the best for your overall health and well-being.
  4. Can turn fixing things around the house into a side business. Many HVAC, painting, flooring, and plumbing companies got their start because someone began a DIY project at home, learned they loved discovering why a toilet overflowed, and began helping others with their plumbing problems until it grew into a side business or a full-time gig. Jenin Supply in Bridgeview has a similar story where we got tired of not having HVAC parts when we needed them, so we decided to become your HVAC supply store. Everyone says to do what your love and sometimes you don’t know what you love until you do it.
  5. Charity work. Many people think supporting charities is all about giving money, but there is usually so much more you can do that doesn’t involve your checkbook. Giving of your time and skills is often what charities need the most. When you are a handyman or handywoman who can fix things, you now have a valuable skill you can share with others. From helping your elderly neighbors across the street with their HVAC system to fixing your church’s plumbing, you can now experience the joy of giving back — and all because you DIY.
  6. Gives you pride in your work. Pride, while sometimes vilified if it crosses the line to boasting, is a feeling you get when you accomplish something you never thought you could. Fixing your HVAC system with HVAC parts from Jenin Supply will give you a feeling of satisfaction that you were able to DIY. You’ll also get a boost in confidence, something we all need in a world that frequently brings us down.
  7. Gives you more equity in your home. Engaging in DIY projects both in and around your home will inevitably increase the value of your property. The nice part about this is because you saved money DIY instead of hiring a contractor, you’ll get even more return since you saved money upfront.
  8. Family bonding. If you decide to paint your home, get the whole family involved, including the kids. Even toddlers can help by handing you paint brushes and playing in the excess paint you were just going to throw away. You’ll create memories together while improving the look of your home. This will also boost the confidence in your kids as they get to feel what it’s like to accomplish a task.
  9. Broadens your horizons. Besides being a great learning experience, your social life will be enriched because you’ll have more ways to connect with people and more stories to tell of both DIY projects that went well and those that didn’t. Even just visiting your local HVAC supply store will push you outside your boundaries, as you meet new people along your DIY journey.

Jenin Supply in Bridgeview is passionate about helping you along your DIY journey. Visit us today for your HVAC parts!