Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Jenin Supply, your top-rated HVAC supply company in Bridgeview. One thing we want to stress is the importance of not buying your HVAC parts at an online store. Of course, it’s very tempting to do so, because it means having access to hundreds of parts without having to even move out of your seat and you may even find some great deals online, but the cons usually outweigh the pros. Let’s take a look. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call and speak with one of our HVAC parts specialists.

You Never Know What You’re Getting

Unfortunately, there’s no way around it. When you buy something off the internet, you have no way of telling exactly what you’re getting. Although you can view countless pictures of the product, this still doesn’t compare to actually holding it in your hand and knowing what you’re paying for. Online scams are very common because it’s so easy to lie about the product and its condition. Although some sites like eBay or Amazon offer protection services for buyers, there’s no guarantee that these services will work out in your favor, and the seller may even have a plan up their sleeves to game the system.

It’s Not Sustainable

Another thing you need to take into consideration is how sustainable it is to buy online. Although you may be excited to find one good deal online, will you be able to continuously find these deals for years to come? This is especially important for people who are looking to start their own HVAC company, but also for people who are doing their own DIY repairs. The truth is that buying from a local HVAC supply store is much more sustainable because you know exactly what to expect as far as pricing and availability are concerned. You’ll never have to deal with scams and you know where all the supplies are coming from.

Another reason buying in an HVAC store is more sustainable is because it’s easier to form a business relationship with both the staff and the owner. Although many business relationships have worked over the phone or through the internet, it’s always better to have an in-person relationship if at all possible, especially if that company is local and trusted like Jenin Supply here in Bridgeview.

It’s Harder To Get Replacement Parts

Even if you are dealing with honest HVAC parts dealers online, there’s always a chance that a part could become damaged during shipping, your request was not processed correctly, or something was mixed up in the ordering process. Although these aren’t as bad as scams, they can certainly set you back significantly and what’s more, if you do need to purchase replacement parts, you’ll likely have to wait a couple of days or weeks to get what you need. When you’re trying to get an HVAC company off the ground, this is not a good thing to have to deal with. When you work with Jenin Supply, you can be sure you’ll get exactly what you need every time.

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